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Avoid uninformed software selections and poor implementations. Get serious with a software expert you can trust.

Consulting Services

We listen to you and study your business to understand problems, oppor­tunities and goals. In conclusion, we make tailored recom­men­dations regarding vertical (industry-specific) software, custom software and horizontal (cross-industry) software apps.

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Setup Services

Once software is selected, we design new workflows for the people involved. Considering security and efficiency, we create information structures, configure settings and prepare and import data. Any integrations or custom­izations are completed.

Training Services

We design a plan that guides the training of your admins, managers and users. Optionally, we can train your trainer. Training happens onsite, remotely and/or via self-service using videos and documents created specifically for your desktop and mobile users.

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Support Services

The subscription-based software we recommend includes support from the vendors. If, in addition, you desire support from us, we make supple­mental plans available. Our familiarity with you and your business can reduce the time to resolve certain questions and issues.

Take your business to the next level with modern software. Contact us to get started.

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